A period of decay: the last Dec Union. 14 Dec 1991

The situation in Transnistria

In the Transnistrian city of Dubasari continued clashes between the Moldovan army and the local armed forces. In the largest cities in the breakaway Republic held numerous rallies calling for the local population to defend the Transnistrian Republic. Representatives of the Supreme authorities of Moldova are trying to reassure the local population in the negotiations on the spot, but to no avail.

Amid these events, the President of Moldova Mircea Snegur interrupts its visit to countries that are signatories to the agreement on the CIS, and immediately returned to Chisinau. Within two days, he meets with the head of Transnistria Igor Smirnov. According to their results, decisions are made about the establishment of a conciliation Commission, the withdrawal of armed compounds to the places of permanent deployment, removal of roadblocks and the release of the injured and detainees.

Russian President Boris Yeltsin appealed to all citizens of Moldova with a call to rise above grievances and not to cause each other’s wounds. “You have to be present sharp turn of history, and how you pass through this frail bridge between the past and the future, will depend on your fate and the fate of your descendants,” — said in a statement.

Gorbachev Talks

The President of the USSR spoke by phone with French President Francois Mitterrand. In his memoirs, Gorbachev writes that the French leader told him: “I said then and I repeat now that it is essential not only for your country but for the whole of Europe, to maintain balance, both in the East and in the North of Europe. The events taking place in your country, are deeply interested in us and at the same time can not disturb. As before, I believe that you have been and remain the guarantor of stability and permanence in this country.”

During a joint press conference, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and French President Francois Mitterrand in Moscow. 1991

Photo: Valentin Sobolev/TASS photo Agency

On the same day, Gorbachev held several talks with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, British Prime Minister John major, U.S. Secretary of state John Baker. According to Gorbachev, he also received their full support.

Meanwhile, employees of the Kremlin device had a completely different mood.

“The guys from the group of consultants [Gorbachev] took the bags of papers to himself in the street Razin (where they have temporary rooms), want to dismantle, take away and something to destroy, because to expel us from the Kremlin at any moment.

[Referent Gorbachev] Olga [Lanina] reported that caused Pestova (chief bodyguard Gorbachev), and he said, tomorrow Gorbachev’s security goes to the subordination of the Yeltsin. M. S. [Gorbachev] are all pulling, all hoping for something”.

Anatoly Chernyaev “the diary of the assistant to the President of the USSR”

“The movement of democratic reforms”

In a capital concert hall “Russia” opened the founding Congress of the “Movement for democratic reform” (DDR).

At the beginning of the Congress movement, there were several dozen regional offices in the five former Soviet republics. It was organized in July as an alternative of the Communist party, in his Board includes the mayors of Moscow and St. Petersburg Gavriil Popov and Anatoly Sobchak, one of the main ideologists of perestroika Alexander Yakovlev, Chairman of the Interrepublican economic Committee Ivan Silaev, the Minister of foreign Affairs of the USSR Eduard Shevardnadze.

The Congress adopted the Charter movement, and made several important statements, including the political support of the CIS.

The editorial of the newspaper “Izvestia” on 16 December 1991

The foreign press

  • “In relation to humanitarian assistance the main problem of the American authorities — the institution of a system ensuring that the food gets to destination and not much priberut hands of the local mafia or the Russian Republic that can use the supplies to put pressure on other republics. In this respect, the main problem of the [Secretary of state] Mr. Baker — that no one in the West does not yet know where the bottom of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Will they stop it at the level of the republics or any of the republics will begin to crack on?” (The New York Times)
  • “The biggest problem in the former Soviet Union. The USSR were removed but nobody is quite sure who will take his place. The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Boris Yeltsin is confusing because it is not yet clear whether or not Ukraine, Belarus and Russia politically and economically independent from each other. The question is whether the boundaries between them are the international or Federal and what to do in Kazakhstan and other former Soviet republics in Central Asia.” (The Times)

Other news of the day

  • The Supreme Council of the Russian Federation denies the information about the impending freezing of accounts in Russian banks.
  • The meeting of leaders of the republics who entered or ready to enter the CIS, which was held in Alma-ATA, postponed to 21 Dec.
  • Internal troops MVD of the USSR to leave the conflict zone in Nagorno-Karabakh ahead of time — not at the beginning of January 1992, and within a few days.
  • According to the survey of the Moscow sociological Agency, 62% of the capital’s residents supported the idea on creation of the CIS.
  • The authorities of Moscow and Moscow region took the decision to create free economic zone in the area of Sheremetyevo airport.
  • The deputies of the Kuril district of the Sakhalin adopted, removing from local authorities the full responsibility for security, movement and placement of Japanese nationals stranded on the island of Iturup.

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