Assad called the attack on Palmyra attempt to stop the advance on Aleppo

The militants of banned terrorist group “Islamic state” attacked Palmyra in order to stop the government offensive in Aleppo, said in an interview with RT, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

“In addition, the attack of ISIS on Palmyra was chosen. This event is connected with what is happening in Aleppo. They make from Aleppo to the Syrian army moved to Palmyra and the attack was stopped. This, of course, will not” — he said.

Yesterday, 13 December, the official representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin announced the termination in Aleppo fighting, adding that the city was entirely under the control of government forces. He also spoke about leaving Aleppo, the militants agreed with the authorities of the corridors. Shortly before that, representatives of the rebels announced the agreement with Russia on ceasefire, necessary for evacuation of people.

In Aleppo, fighting raged in the summer of 2012, the armed opponents of the Assad regime managed to capture a few districts. In subsequent years, none of the parties have failed to reach a decisive success, and the Eastern areas of the city were occupied by groups of the Syrian opposition fighters.

The new operation is on the offensive in Aleppo codenamed “dawn of victory” started in November, immediately after the end of the moratorium on combat actions, declared by the Russian aerospace defence forces. 16 Nov military stormed residential areas Rashidin and al-Akrab in the South-West of Aleppo. During the month in the city and the suburbs were fighting. On 29 November, the Syrian army repelled the militants of 14 districts in Eastern Aleppo. In particular, it has been released the road to Castello, which allowed the delivery of humanitarian assistance. After that, the Russian defense Ministry announced a “radical change” in the situation in the city. To December 12, under the control of the government of Syria was 98% of Aleppo.