Assad linked the attack on Palmyra by the US decision to supply weapons to Syria

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that the easing of restrictions on the supply of arms to Syria was the cause of the terrorist attack on Palmyra. He declared it in interview to TV channel RT.

“The announcement of the lifting of the embargo is directly related to the attack on Palmyra and the support of other terrorists outside Aleppo,” — said Assad.

In his opinion, the US and the Western countries “defeated in Aleppo,” the need to maintain their credentials somewhere else. Assad suggested that the essence of the embargo in the creation of “more chaos” to the United States could manage it.

The Syrian President also said that during the attack on Palmyra were more terrorists of the “Islamic state” (declared a terrorist organization and banned in Russia) than usual, the fighters also used the “huge firepower”.

“They attacked on a huge front, [were] tens of kilometers, which allowed them to stay ahead of the army. ISIS was able to do so only with the support of the States. Not the state, and States,” — said Assad.

Earlier in the interview, Assad suggested that the militants attacked Palmyra, to stop the advance of the Syrian army in Aleppo. However, he assured that the attack will not be disrupted.

The Syrian army announced the capture of terrorists in Palmyra on December 11. For several days, battles were fought for this city. Two days before the attacks of the militants of the “Islamic state” in Palmyra, US President Barack Obama to provide national interests of the country eased restrictions on arms sales to Syria. The paper noted that weapons and military equipment destined for foreign forces, irregular forces, groups or individuals who support US involvement in the Syrian operations.

The former chief of the General staff of the Russian armed forces army General Yury Baluyevsky said that the militants were able to seize the city because of a miscalculation in the military planning of the operation. He suggested that the terrorists were able to regroup because of the long humanitarian pause.