Inside woman Shakro Young denied the dramatization of his death

The Tver court of capital on Wednesday extended the arrest of authoritative businessman Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Young). This was reported by press Secretary of the court Anastasia Jurco. By the court, he will remain in custody until 15 March 2017.

Exactly a year ago, December 14, 2015, in Moscow cafe Elements was a fight with the shooting. The consequence considers, that the showdown staged a “people Shakro”, which solicited the mistress of the institution Jeanne Kim 8 million rubles.

The money, according to the prosecution, Kim did not pay her friend — designer Fatima Misikova, which was engaged in the design of the restaurant.

At the same time she misikova, which since bringing her in as a defendant to criminal liability is on the run, through his counsel, appealed to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin.

She and her defender Valentin Bitensky asked the investigators to tell whether there is law enforcement information that misikova passing on the case as a defendant, was actually trying to convince everyone of his own death and thus to abscond.

As pointed Bitensky in the attorney’s request (have), in various media, including in publications of the Agency “Rosbalt”, citing law enforcement sources tells that his doveritelnyi tried to fake his own death. In one of the articles said that misikova was moved to the investigators the impression that the alleged discovered the charred body of a woman without a certain residence belongs to her. From the publication, citing a source in the investigation, it was stressed that relatives Misikova identified the mutilated corpse of a woman as belonging to her, and the designer then six months, were considered dead.

“Please provide information about whether there was in fact a dramatization of the death of Fatima Misikova” — indicates Bitensky. His request was sent to the TFR on 13 December.

Himself the defender said that misikova categorically denies these facts. He notes that at least until mid-may 2016, she used their documents — that prove the mark of border service of the Moscow airports Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo in her passport. The last of them is dated may 17, said the lawyer. In addition, in March misikova officially in his name were registered by OOO “Studio 8”, the lawyer said.

The decision about attraction as the accused was made only at the end of June, says the defender.

Now, according to the materials of the case, misikova arrested in absentia and declared wanted. Also gave her along with Zakhary Kalashov charged with extortion 8 million rubles from her ex-girlfriend Kim.

As the lawyer told Bitensky, misikova was known in Moscow as an interior designer: in addition to the design of the restaurant on Rochdelskaya she worked on the design of the gallery Artwin gallery and worked on the design of the restaurant “Aragvi”.

A dispute between two girlfriends

Gunfight at Elements café on the street Rochdelskaya in the capital occurred a year ago — December 14, 2015.

As follows from the transcript of the record (has), the evening of December 14 in the Elements restaurant came a group of people. They stated that they are representatives of contractors to make repairs in the institution together with the designer Misikova, and demanded a meeting with mistress Kim. Accompanying the guards of one of the Firms on the street.

Going into the VIP lounge, the guests said that all of them named Nicholas, and demanded that Kim paid 8 million rubles: in their version, the hostess settled with designer Fatima Misikova, and she with them.
“What are you organs or are you lawyers?” — asked Jeanne.
“I’m a lawyer,’ replied one of Nikolaev. — And it — Department”, — he explained about his comrades.

The essence of the claims, as follows from the transcripts of negotiations, was the fact that misikova and her team have not completed the renovation of the restaurant to the date of its opening, as a result, Kim has not paid them for their work. Kim also insisted that she had to hire other workers and pay them to open the school on time. So she refused to settle with the first team.

The talk was delayed for several hours. During this time in the restaurant at the request of Kim came to the police and lawyer Edward Budantsev, together with his companions. And at the request of the contractors itself misikova and Andrew Kochanov (also known as Italian) and Eduard Romanov, whom the investigation considers approximate Shakro Young.

But the peace talks escalated into a brawl with shooting, after people Kochanova refused to let in the VIP-hall Budantseva, said the source , who witnessed these events.

“Showdown moved to higher tones, and those of you who have offered it out in the street” — said the Agency interlocutor. There took place a dialogue between the Italian and Budantseva, during which counsel stated that it does not respect the “suit of thieves” and first got the gun.

This is what, according to the interlocutor of the Agency, and provoked the beginning of the fight. The people of the Italian rushed to Budantseva, and he began to shoot. Killing two men who had come with Kocanova.

Misikova and ten prisoners

Immediately after clashes police detained Budantseva. According to the testimony of detective Edward Shakirov, who came to call Kim, the lawyer tried to hide in the attic of a nearby building Trekhgornij manufactory. He was charged in the double murder, but sent under house arrest.

He was also arrested Kochunov and Novels. Initially, the TFR investigators charged them with hooliganism and sent to prison. Then it was retrained on arbitrariness. But in June, by decision of the Prosecutor’s office the case was transferred to the interior Ministry, which again reclassified the charges to extortion. In the framework of this case in July was arrested, and the Kalash (Shakro).

And less than a week in custody were three high-ranking employee of the TFR — head of the main Department of own safety of the RCDS Mikhail Maksimenko, his Deputy Alexander Limonov and Deputy head of a capital Central Board Denis Nikandrov, who is accused of receiving a bribe for retraining charges people Shakro for the offense.

In addition to their custody on charges of negligence, also, is the operative Shakirov, his boss, ex-the chief of criminal investigation Department OVD “Presnensky” Denis Romashkin, and the district Rinat Zinatullin that were in the institution at the time of disassembly.