Lavrov called the talks with the U.S. on Syria “futile gathering”

Negotiations with the United States to resolve the crisis in Syria is “futile gathering”, said Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, speaking at a meeting with participants of annual scientific-educational program “Dialogue for the future”.

According to him, contacts between the two countries remain the same, but each time, when reaching some agreement, “the Americans otrulivaet aside” (quoted by “RIA Novosti”). “So it was in September, so it was in early December. We lecture and say: “Russia offers to negotiate the corridors to the militants out, but first you need to immediately stop hostilities, and then in a few days, such corridors will be to create,” he said.

The head of the Russian foreign Ministry said that Moscow supports the dialogue with the countries of the region, including Turkey, of having contacts with militants, the armed opposition. “I think this channel might be more efficient than our already many months of fruitless chat with the American colleagues,” he said.

The Minister also said that there is evidence of “atrocities” in Eastern Aleppo. “I know firsthand assessment by independent humanitarian organizations. None of them confirms the statement that in Eastern Aleppo allegedly committed some atrocities, some kidnappings,” — he said (quoted by TASS).

Lavrov denied allegations that the liberation of Aleppo accompanied by forced evictions of residents. “The city leaving only those who want to do it,” — said the head of the foreign Ministry.

The foreign Minister expects that the terrorists in Eastern Aleppo finally cease resistance within two to three days. “Those who refuse to do this, they will make their own choices,” said Lavrov, drawing attention to the humanitarian corridors, “in which tens of thousands of civilians to leave and was already out”.

Created space for the militants, they asked “to leave on-good, good,” said the Minister. He also noted that the militants “the guarantee of security, if only they were gone.” “Another thing is that then have to deal with the territories in which they again settles, but the main thing now — to complete the tragedy of Aleppo”, — said the head of the foreign Ministry.

That the Syrian army is soon to announce the completion of the operation in Aleppo, wrote Reuters on 12 December, citing a military source. “We are at the last stage, before announcing the victory of the Syrian army in the fighting in Eastern Aleppo. We can announce it at any time”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

Before Reuters referring to the representative of one of the Syrian groups reported that the rebels have reached an agreement with Russia on a full ceasefire in Aleppo during the night. According to the representative of another group, the agreement should allow soldiers and civilians to evacuate from the Eastern part of the city.

Churkin then confirmed this information to journalists. “According to my latest information, do agreed that the militants left the city, so it’s almost the end,” he said.

Later, on December 13, Churkin announced that the fighting in Eastern districts of Aleppo terminated, the city is under the control of the Syrian army. He noted that “now comes the stage of practical humanitarian action”.