Poroshenko welcomed the decision of the Scythian gold with the words “Crimea is ours”

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko commented on the decision of the district court of Amsterdam, which previously held that Scythian gold should be returned to Ukraine, with the words “Crimea is ours”.

“The decision of the district court of Amsterdam means that not only the “Scythian gold” is a Ukrainian. Crimea is also Ukrainian, Crimea is ours, period”, — he wrote in his Facebook.

According to the court, the Crimea is not a sovereign state and could not declare the gold cultural heritage. So make the decision, who owns the gold — the National Museum of history of Ukraine and the Crimean museums, had a Ukrainian court.

The museums of the Crimea announced its intention to appeal the decision of the Amsterdam court. The Minister of culture of Crimea Arina nowosielski called the ruling “political” and “wrong”.

The Ministry of culture of Russia believe that the decision of the Amsterdam court “is a very negative precedent.” In the opinion of the Ministry of culture, the court “ignored the principle of conservation of archaeological finds related to the history and culture of the place where they happen.”

We are talking about the exhibits Crimean museums handed over to the Netherlands for the exhibition “Crimea: gold and secrets of the Black sea”, held in the Allard Pierson Museum at Amsterdam University since February 2014. In March of that year, the Crimea according to the results of a referendum passed to Russia. Their rights to the said exhibits and Moscow and Kiev.