The anti-crisis plan for 2017 was the measures to accelerate the economy

According to “Vedomosti”, the MAYOR has developed a draft plan for the growth of the economy. In this, the publication, no measures for growth, part of the funds to support of the industry has yet to find the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of industry.

That the text submitted to the Cabinet, told the newspaper the representative of the Ministry of economic development. The accuracy of the document confirmed the Federal official.

The total price of the plan — about 488 billion rubles Most of the money — money for priority projects of the Cabinet and budget loans to the regions already included in the draft budget for 2017-2019. Another 109 billion rubles to support the industry, according to the document, expected to be found at the end of the first quarter of next year.

The text of four sections — on the priority projects of the government, stability in the labour market, support of branches of economy and balanced regional development. Basically it takes into account industry suggestions of industry and trade, which include subsidies to enterprises, transport and agricultural machinery for compensation of part of expenses capitalization of the Fund industry (source to be determined), light industry etc.

According to Federal officials, in fact, it’s a tactical action plan for growth of the economy next year, but this is just one of the tools of recovery.

As follows from the preamble of the document, they shall be extended in force in the current year measures of support of branches. In addition, during the year it is planned to gradually abandon the practice of making ad hoc decisions and to formulate long-term strategies of development of branches. According to a senior official, the MAYOR wants to seize the training is really working sectoral strategies under the responsibility of the relevant Ministry.

According to Deputy Minister of economic development Oleg Fomichev, institutional measures to support economic growth in the last stage decided to exclude from the plan and prepare them by may next year. The government are waiting for them before, emphasize “Vedomosti”: the draft of the comprehensive plan of action for the years 2018-2025, which should help the Russian economy to overtake global growth, the Prime Minister instructed to prepare to March 9.

As reported by Federal officials, this project should be an integrated strategy is working at the Center for strategic research of Alexei Kudrin. According to him, another former Minister Alexei Ulyukayev instructed to work on the strategy, Deputy Minister Alexei Vedeva and the Director of the Department Kirill Tremasov. Then this plan must be integrated in the “Strategy-2030”, which you need to write in accordance with the law on strategic planning, said the newspaper.

The economy next year will grow by 0.6%, follows from the forecast MAYOR. According to Federal officials, in the absence of sustained economic growth, any progress in fiscal and monetary policies will be devalued redistributive policies, not excluding the growth of spending because of higher oil prices.