The foreign Ministry announced the reduction by half of income of ISIS because of the bombing of the Russian space forces

Speaking at a Joint special meeting of the United Nations and the Group of development of financial measures of struggle against money-laundering (FATF) on combating the financing of terrorism, Feoktistov said that the decline in the financial possibilities of the terrorists of ISIS (the organization was banned in Russia) due to the successful action of Air and space forces of Russia in Syria.

“According to experts, as a result of actions of the Russian space forces, the ISIS income from the sale of hydrocarbons in the current year has decreased in two times — up to 450 million dollars”, — quotes the words Feoktistova, the Agency “Interfax”.

“Since the beginning of the counter-terrorism operation against ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria Russian VKS made about 10 thousand sorties, destroying more than 14 thousand of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra (an organization banned in Russia), including more than 200 complexes for production, refining and transfer of petroleum products and 3 million trucks, and about 35 thousand “jihadists”, including 2.7 thousand from Russia and CIS countries, including 17 of the warlords”, — he told during a speech.