The former head of the CIA, condemned trump for the neglect of the briefings of the Ministry

Former CIA Director Leon Panetta said that the President-elect Donald trump runs the risk of accusations of neglect of the briefings the CIA, if the United States during his presidency survive a terrorist attack, according to Reuters.

“I have seen presidents who are interested in the sources of intelligence information and questioning that information check. However, I’ve never seen the President, who said that he don’t need this information,” said Panetta during the Arab strategic forum in Dubai (UAE). Panetta added that the neglect trump “can’t continue”.

Former Congressman-Democrat Leon Panetta headed the CIA during the first term of Barack Obama.

According to Reuters, President-elect of the United States on average is present at one briefing by the CIA in the week, “much less” than its predecessors. However, elected Vice-President Mike Pence attends briefings by the intelligence services about six times a week, said the Agency.

According to Panetta, if the U.S. will survive, “another attack” and then it turns out that “the President does not want to listen to” reports of intelligence agencies that could help these attacks to prevent, the responsibility for a possible terrorist attack “will fall on the President.”

During an interview with Fox 11 Dec trump said that he finds the daily reports of the intelligence services “repetitive” and that he already knew what the potential threats.

“You know, I like a clever man. I don’t need, so I repeated the same things in the same terms for the next eight years. Maybe eight… eight years. I don’t need it. But I said if anything changes, let me,” said trump (quote via MSNBC).

According to trump, it is surrounded by enough “informed” people, such as elected Vice-President of the United States Michael Pence and the Minister of defence General James Mattis, who regularly receive the necessary information from the security services.

Leon Panetta also criticized the position of the trump on the information about the relations of Russian government with the hackers who passed on information to WikiLeaks and thus, according to the CIA influenced elections in the United States. In the same interview, trump said he does not trust the reports of the CIA on this topic and considers these reports “attempt to justify”.

Panetta said that President-elect would do well to instruct the CIA to find out what was in this role of Russia.

“We must investigate [this matter] and to make sure this never happens again,” Panetta said.