The Kremlin has urged “not to dream” because of the advancement Tillerson

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said illogical to dream about that with arrival on a post of the head of the US state Department Rex Tillerson dialogue on Syria will immediately improve. “It is absolutely illogical to build any forecasts for the future, especially to indulge in some dreams that all of a sudden overnight change, and all that stalled and was hard, suddenly begin to develop some amazing successful scenario”, — he said (quoted by “Interfax”).

According to the representative of the Kremlin, “we are quite sober people and are aware that this will not happen”.

Russia and the United States are a “serious world powers, which are quite consistent in his line, in defending their interests,” said the press Secretary of the head of state. However, he added, the parties “entitled to at least more constructive in communication with each other and to a large synchronization of the positions of the various agencies when there is a discussion”.

Peskov commented on the statement of Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that the talks between Moscow and Washington on Syria were “futile talks”. “It is not figurative, but quite exhaustive in its content,” — said the representative of the Kremlin.

This does not mean a change of priorities, said the spokesman. “Russia has never refused dialogue, moreover, we were and are the continuation of the dialogue on Syria, but certainly we would like that the dialogue was constructive, and not barren,” concluded Sands.

Before trump announced the nomination Tillerson to the post of head of the state Department. “Persistence, extensive experience and deep understanding of geopolitics makes it a great choices for the post of U.S. Secretary of state,” said newly elected President of the United States.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that Moscow is ready to work with Tillerson. “I think that President trump, and a new future, the Secretary of state was not opposed to development of our cooperation, quite the contrary. This is a pragmatic people. We hope that this pragmatism will be a good basis for building mutually beneficial relationships and mutually beneficial from the standpoint of Russian-American cooperation, and from the point of view of solving international problems”, — said the Minister.

Rex Tillerson heads the largest oil company in the world — ExxonMobil. The American media pay attention to the “close relationship” Tillerson with Russia because of the oil business. In particular, Tillerson has headed “a daughter” ExxonMobil which is the operator of the field development “Sakhalin-1”.

Nomination Tillerson to the post of U.S. Secretary of state will be considered at the hearing, a bipartisan Commission of the US Senate foreign relations after the inauguration of the trump 20 Jan. If the Senate does not approve Tillerson, Trump will have to re-submit their proposals.