The state Duma will support the bill on decriminalization of family beatings

Currently beating outside the family, perfect for the first time, qualify as an administrative offence, and in the family as a criminal offence. The draft law on decriminalization battery was made in November by a group of deputies and senators, together with the Deputy head of the General Council “United Russia” Olga Batalina. The initiative is signed and Senator Elena Mizulina, which made summer a similar project. Both projects, the Committee intends to consider on Thursday, December 15.

The legislation Committee will support the project Batalina, said two people in the Committee. According to one of them, she is ready to withdraw his first bill. For consideration of the Duma the initiative will be submitted after receiving the opinion of the government, the source said.

The United Russia party in the Committee have to support the bill, “provoking domestic violence”, because of the position of the leadership of the faction, summed up the source in the Committee.

The controversy surrounding law

Resonant law on decriminalization of a beating (article 116 of the criminal code) was passed by the Parliament this summer and signed by the President on the initiative of the Supreme court. According to the amendments, if a person is accused of beating for the first time, he appointed an administrative penalty. In the case if the beating was applied to close relatives, the assailant threatened criminal liability. Amendment to loved ones in the document made the United Russia Deputy Pavel Krasheninnikov. “It is impossible to abolish criminal penalties for assault in the family, as they are committed consciously and, therefore, are socially more dangerous street,” explained the amendment of United Russia.

However, against such edition of the law made by Mizulina, indicating that the novel contains “a number of controversial, anti-family provisions.” The Senator said that under the law actions to apply the “child-light educational measure in the form of a slap” relatives “more socially dangerous than the behavior of a stranger, who inflicted the beatings on the street.”

As a result, in early November, the leadership of the faction “United Russia” decided to change adopted in the summer of the law and to decriminalize the battery. “It [the law] was adopted in the end of the session, we have worked enough then to society… But after subsequent discussion in the society with which we faced the elections, we felt that if the majority of the population does not support, here is something to think about,” said the head of the faction Vladimir Vasiliev.

Shortly thereafter batalina made to your amendments bill on decriminalization of the battery. The change of the position by law, Krasheninnikov was also associated with emerged around the law of resonance.

Batalina said the “beatings” in article 116 of the criminal code refers to actions “causing physical pain, but not entailed harm to health”, we are talking about the abrasions, the bruises. If in the case of violent acts suffered light injury, then it is a criminal offence and article 115 of the criminal code.