Volodin deputies promised at least a year of strict control of discipline in the Duma

On Tuesday evening, 12 December, the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin met with about 200 deputies from “United Russia”, said a member of the faction Yevgeny Revenko. Changes in regulations in terms of the relaxation of discipline and the reduction of monitoring attendance, and also eliminating penalties for truancy to wait just not worth it, told the Deputy the results of the meeting with the speaker.

“Volodin has given to understand and clearly told the deputies that the overall setting of the new convocation of the state Duma took place, and, at least, one year we work out in this mode”, — he stressed. According to United Russia, “the leadership of Parliament, MPs, will see how it works in practice”.

The speaker intends to hold similar meetings with all factions, “and listen to their comments,” said a source close to Volodin.

The head of the lower house led United Russia siposov data, which showed that the credibility of the new convocation of the rose, said the first Deputy head of the faction “United Russia” Andrei Isayev. “Now the number of those who trust [the state Duma] is greater than the number of the untrusting, and the “United Russia” according to published yesterday the FOM, has 50% support of respondents”, — he said. Isaev and Revenko explain this, including, and “disciplinary” innovation.

The state Duma Committee on rules exemptions also plans. “I wouldn’t call it a tightening of discipline. It is the norm that should be in the work. Each person decides for himself, coming to this work, should automatically understand that such work will not be easy. To sacrifice is to limit yourself, because it’s such a work” — said after the meeting with Volodin, the head of procedural Committee Olga Savostyanova.

As previously reported , the deputies of all factions unhappy with the new regulations of the Duma, introduced with the arrival of Volodina. Parliamentarians complained about the lack of a regional week and the problems with the exit meetings for truancy. On December 8, members of the Communist party Tamara Pletnev and Faith Gansa expressed dissatisfaction with the prolonged plenary session of the state Duma and stated the need to “feed men”.

Volodin believes that approval of the activities of deputies of the society more important than their personal comfort, said political analyst Mikhail Vinogradov. “It is clear that these measures have been and will be unpopular among MPs, especially since the status of the Deputy of the state Duma has traditionally been more important than the functionality. Some MPs will see this as a decline in status, so the care of the Duma is also possible,” he said, Recalling the Russia billionaire Alexander Skorobogatko, who in November passed the mandate.

Vinogradov said, “the leadership of the state Duma, it is important to demonstrate the restyling of the work of the Council in comparison with the predecessors. These priorities are perceived as more important than the preservation of a familiar psychological comfort, the rank and file members.”