A period of decay: the last Dec Union. 15 Dec 1991

A period of decay: the last Dec Union. 15 Dec 1991

The European countries

The Russian government held talks with the Commission of the European communities (CEC). The outcome was an agreement on the allocation of the Russian side of the loan for the purchase of food.

The CES was intended to allocate Russia $1.5 billion — the money had to go for the purchase of food for residents of the three Russian cities — Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. This amount should be enough to ensure their meat for two months, or the animal oil for the quarter. The preferential loan is 7% per annum.

The Europeans have put to Russia the only condition is that food must be purchased in the countries of the former Eastern Europe and the Baltic States. The Chairman of the Interstate economic Committee Ivan Silaev said that the latter is hardly feasible, because the Baltic countries do not have enough food. In addition, it was decided that supplied to Moscow the foodstuffs will not be subject to duty.

The Chairman of the Interstate economic Committee Ivan Silaev. 1991

Photo: Valentin Kuzmin and Sobolev Valentini/Fotokhronika TASS

This is not the first loan, which Russia received after signing of the Belovezhskaya agreements — in parallel negotiations with the U.S. on the allocation of $1.5 billion for grain purchases, Italy is ready to allocate $1.2 billion for delivery of the commodities.

The situation in Central Asia

A day earlier, in Almaty was held a meeting of heads of Kazakhstan and the Central Asian republics who two days earlier made the basis for the Declaration of recognition of the CIS and the intention to join the Commonwealth on the same terms and rights as the three Slavic republics, that is, as its founders. At the meeting in Alma-ATA was supposed to take part the presidents of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, and the CIS was to include five new countries.

The initiator of the meeting in the capital of Kazakhstan became the President that was initially skeptical in relation to the emerging CIS, primarily due to the fact that he turned away from the negotiation process. However, the result of the meeting in Ashgabat was so successful that he asked his colleagues to hold a meeting as soon as possible. The leaders of the Asian republics suggested not to take the time to think through your suggestions before the meeting and give time to their study to the heads of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

The President Of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. 1991

Photo: Antonov Alexei/Fotokhronika TASS

The most important of these proposals concerned the functioning of the state Council, which will become the main political body of the CIS. “The Ashgabat five” proposed to include in it leaders of the countries — members of CIS, turning in fact to the presidential Council. Members of the state Council will have to manage them at a time. Part of the former Soviet departments, such as foreign policy, military, transportation, proposes to recreate, but not as powerful, and as coordinating bodies.

The Speech Of Mitterrand

The French President françois Mitterrand, on the eve spent on the phone with Mikhail Gorbachev, made in the program 7/7 on channel TF1. During the French Chapter has summarized the activities of Gorbachev as leader of the USSR. According to observers, this sounded like a farewell to Gorbachev-President, with which it has for seven years been linked by friendly relations.

“I think Mikhail Gorbachev is one of the largest figures in the history of our century. He has done great things. First of all he freed the closed, cold and overpowering Communist world. He opened doors and Windows and showed courage for he himself was a product of that era. That’s why I admire him. [In the world] owe him a lot. This man of enormous proportions”. François Mitterrand in an interview with TF1, 15 December 1991.

Mitterrand said that the liberation of the Soviet people need to adapt to the “national explosion” that shook many peoples that made up the Empire from the time of Peter the Great. “Gorbachev resists all forces that the Empire has broken up into thousands of pieces. He agreed with the autonomy and even sovereignty of the republics, but wishes that they had a center and a strong common bond,” said the French President.

One of the main problems, said Mitterrand, the question remains the nuclear Arsenal of the Soviet Union, for talks the leaders of the European nuclear powers will hold a separate meeting. This same issue became crucial during the meet the press defense Secretary Richard Cheney.

An article in the newspaper “Izvestia” on 16 December 1991

The foreign press

  • “A serious test soon, expect the market-oriented economic reforms and a plan of the Commonwealth of Mr. Yeltsin, when consumer prices will be released on 2 January after seven decades of state subsidies. These transformations will guide the market changes in other republics of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Mr. Yeltsin and leaders of Ukraine and Belarus said a week ago, and have since supported most of the former Soviet republics” (The New York Times).
  • “In a free election in the former Soviet republics at the present time, 90% to vote for a candidate depending, in most cases will, if he says he hates most, the management Board of Moscow. It’s a bad term for the Soviet Resouse (Soviet Disunion) with a large number of discarded nuclear warheads. In the southern part of the sickle of separation, where fundamentalist Islam emerges, it looks even worse” (The Sunday Times).
  • “The harsh winter sun rose yesterday over the green roofs of the Kremlin, leaving the lifeless glow on the queue of Muscovites already leaving footprints on the snowy streets daily in search of food. For earthy-red defensive walls of the Kremlin is coming to an end the era. Trembling, cynical, hungry Moscow are scarcely gives himself the trouble to observe the political agony of Mikhail Gorbachev, the moralist who destroyed the Soviet Union, hoping to save him and free the people that they saved themselves” (The Sunday Times).

Other news of the day

  • The world Bank took the USSR to the category of “moderately indebted countries”: by the end of the year, its external debt can be from 57 to 71 billion rubles. it is noted that the internal problems and rising inflation may lead the country to financial ruin.
  • Nobel prize winner the American economist of Russian descent, Vasiliy Leontiev was opened in St. Petersburg, international research centre that bears his name.
  • In one of the skyscrapers in the South of Manhattan opened Russian trade and cultural center.
  • The UN security Council adopted a resolution on the direction in Yugoslavia observer mission, which will include military and civilians.
  • The football Federation of Ukraine has decided to conduct its own national championship.
  • Advisor to the Ukrainian government, Harvard Professor Jeffrey Sachs recommended not to enter the country since the beginning of 1992 new coupons in parallel with the Soviet ruble in circulation in order to avoid high inflation.

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