Mogherini made the delicious EU with Russia against certain plans trump

That the EU and Russia can stand United in opposition to some of the aspirations of the administration of Donald trump, Federica Mogherini said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. As examples of such plans that can come from the tramp, she called the failure of the nuclear deal with Iran, “shake-up” policy in the middle East, as well as reducing the role of the United Nations (UN).

Mogherini believes that the first thing the team trump can displease Russia, is a retreat from the nuclear deal with Iran, contribution to the achievement which was made by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

“In each case, you will find issues where I would not be surprised to see Europeans and Russians on one side is a deal with Iran, the peace process in the middle East and the possible role of the UN”, – said Mogherini.

She adding that Iran may be the only issue which the United States may be in opposition with the EU and Russia if the administration trump will act alone.

At the same time, Mogherini noted that the EU is ready to cooperate with a team of Tram on a wide range of issues where Brussels and Washington have common interests. “I believe that from the whole list of global and regional problems, we’d have made a very long list where we have work to do or a common approach,” she said.

Among common interest for the EU and US should cooperate closely, Mogherini called the fight against terrorism, crisis prevention in key regions, as well as smuggling of migrants.