Moscow has spent on demolishing shops almost 3.9 billion rubles

Equipment and debris

The Moscow authorities spent on the demolition of the illegally built objects almost 3.9 billion rubles., estimated . This amount includes the costs of dismantling buildings, compensation to their owners, the purchase of machinery, removal of debris and construction waste.

The resolution on extrajudicial demolition of the objects that are in the technical area metro, close to utility lines or road network, the municipality took at the end of last year. Three “waves” was liquidated more than 250 retail outlets.

More than 85.4 million RUB went on the supply of machinery for demolition of illegally placed objects in Moscow, follows from materials placed on the procurement website. In 2016, the district GBU “highways” signed 19 contracts to supply excavators, bulldozers, mobile cranes and other machinery. Most spent the southern, Northern and Eastern districts: 19.5 million RUB, RUB 17.1 million and 14.6 million rubles. respectively. Another 344 million rubles County spent for removal of debris after the demolition of illegal objects, from procurement documentation for 19 tenders.

In the most Metropolitan prefectures was unable to immediately explain how much of these funds were spent directly on “three waves” of the demolition of the shopping facilities of unauthorized construction, which took place on 9 February, 29 August and 5 December. So, the press service of the SWAD said that specifically did not consider what proportion amounted to demolition of the shopping facilities of the total cost of dismantling all illegal structures, such as garages.


In addition to the cost to dismantle the squatter forces of urban services, Moscow must pay compensation to the owners of commercial properties, which voluntarily agreed to the demolition. This practice has operated since the summer, so it did not get “first wave”, which was demolished 97 buildings.

The building owner can carry the object completely on their own or ask for help from the Prefecture. In the first case he will receive compensation in the amount of 55 thousand rubles. for each “square” in the second — 51 thousand rubles. During the second and third waves of demolition in August and December — a significant part of the objects was eliminated by the owners themselves.

Compensation for the “second wave” of demolition will amount to 1 billion rubles. Dismantling began on August 29, the bucket hit 100 objects. According to the state Inspectorate for real estate, to dismantle the city authorities agreed to the owners of 77 points, about 20 owners of demolished buildings voluntarily.

“According to preliminary estimates, the total amount of compensation to the owners of the buildings of the “third wave” of the squatter, who is willing on a voluntary demolition, is approximately 1.3 billion rubles”, — told in a press-service of Department of economic policy and development of Moscow. The third list appeared in the beginning of October — it included 43 objects with a total area of 26.7 thousand sq. m. At 39 points, the owners agreed to a voluntary demolition.

On Tuesday, December 13, the city of Moscow has published the fourth list of unauthorized construction. It includes 54 buildings with a total area of 368 square 19 m: it’s cafes, shops, pharmacies. The total amount of compensation, which should carry the object till February, may be slightly less than 1.1 billion rubles. Thus, in General, owners who have suffered as a result of the second and third “waves” and are prepared to suffer losses during the “fourth wave”, the government should pay to 3.4 billion rubles.

“The fifth wave”

In the future there will be new listings for demolition. “The systematic work that is constantly on the territory of Moscow”, — said the press service of the state Inspectorate for real estate. Three districts — CAO, yuao and YUVAO — has already announced a tender for the rental of machinery for demolition of illegal objects, totaling more than 20 million rubles.

Based on concluded tenders equipment costs Moscow in 449,4 million rubles.

The General Director of legal company Urvista Alex Petropolskaya, who represented the interests of owners of squatter, said that the owners of most of the objects of the “fourth wave” more profitable to agree to a voluntary demolition and to obtain compensation. “Many were aware of [the fact that they plan to carry] and decided not to save the objects. Some can’t leave the object as it is, for example, is located in the heating plant,” — said Petropolskaya.

This compensation is in the 51 to 55 thousand rubles. per square meter does not suit all owners. The part of the owners of the objects from the previous stages of squatter trying to “go legit”. “The state Inspectorate for real estate on a fee to legalize the construction of if agree the Prefecture and the Mosgorgeotrest, will be applied the technical designs and conclusion of paid duty from 6 to 20 thousand. is currently considering at least three such facilities, including in the area of the ZIL” — emphasizes Petropolskaya.

Thus, according to the lawyer, the decision on the demolition of unauthorized construction contradicts the civil code. The document says that the decision to dismantle the government of Moscow, while, according to article 222 of the civil code, must be done by the local authorities.

A member of the Moscow Collegium of advocates Artur Airapetov, who also handles cases of owners of squatter, said that the owners of the “first wave” no compensation received. According to the lawyer, next year he intends to address in office of public Prosecutor and Federal Antimonopoly service with the request to check the validity of the spending of budget funds to compensate the owners of the squatter. “If it is really the objects of unauthorized construction, the city must prove it in court, to oblige the owners to demolish and to prescribe penalties,” — said Ayrapetov.