Putin and Abe agreed to conduct a joint activity in the Kuril Islands

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe agreed on a statement about the beginning of consultations with experts on the issue of joint activities of the two countries in the Kuril Islands. This was told to journalists by the Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov, reports TASS.

Earlier than December 15 Vladimir Putin arrived in Japan on an official visit which will last till 16 December.

According to Ushakov, Putin and Abe was personally involved in the elaboration of the document and the final statement after the meeting will highlight the areas of cooperation between the two countries as fisheries, medicine, tourism, ecology and several others.

Answering the journalists ‘ question about whether the joint activity is based on Russian legislation, Yuri Ushakov said: “of Course, the territory of the Russian Federation”.

An official statement on the results of this meeting will be published on Friday, December 16.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said during a press conference on local television that during a meeting with Russian President they also discussed the issue of free visits to Southern Kurils former residents of the Islands and the problem of a peace Treaty between Japan and Russia, reports TASS.