The defense Ministry announced the preparation of a counter-offensive in Palmyra

Syrian troops with the support of Russia is now preparing a counter-offensive in Palmyra. This was announced at the briefing Deputy head of the main operations Directorate of the General staff of the Armed forces of Russia the General-Lieutenant Victor Pozniki, reports TASS.

He said that troops were able to repel the “repeated attacks of militants of ISIS” (“Islamic state”, declared a terrorist organization and banned in Russia)

“Currently line of defense is in the area of Tias and airfield Tifor. The Russian Federation supports the Syrian leadership in organizing the counter-offensive of Palmyra,” said Pesnihi.

Militants recaptured the ancient city last week, and the Syrian army retreated to the outskirts. The Russian centre for reconciliation in Syria reported large losses of terrorists. However, they managed to seize weapons.

The Washington Post announced Wednesday that terrorists could seize munitions and to access ammunition and equipment. Journalists, analyzing photos and videos uploaded to the associated with terrorists the website Amaq, came to the conclusion that the shooting location looks like an abandoned Russian military base with the remains of personal belongings and a large number of different small arms and heavier weapons. The newspaper pointed out that the “background” of one of the pictures you can see the “contours of what looks like anti-aircraft missile system s-125”.

However, earlier official representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov said that the guns do not pose a threat to the international coalition. He explained that the Syrian military left in Palmira “a small number of small arms and a few units disabled equipment”.