The government will forbid to specify the form and dosage of medicines

Drug synthesis

The Ministry of health proposes to establish uniform rules to describe drugs that are delivered through the public procurement system. This is stated in the draft decree that the Ministry of health published on the website disclosure of legal information.

The Agency proposes to procure medicines by the generic name of their active substance, without specifying the forms of production (e.g., tablets, powders, and solutions), method of administering the medication, the dosage, requirements to a temperature mode of storage, the remaining shelf life in percent, etc. it is Impossible to demand from suppliers products containing several active substances, kits comprising instruments for the autopsy vials, dilution and drug administration.

The Ministry of health admits of exceptions in the case if the customer has no other way to describe a medicine and subject to the inclusion in the description of the drug words “interchangeable medicinal product”.

In a press-service of the Ministry did not answer the question of why the decision was made to establish appropriate bans. But in June 2015, a similar proposal was provided in the explanatory letter of the Federal Antimonopoly service, which was sent to the Crimean Committee of competition policy. The document, which was reviewed , it was noted that the specific dosage forms, method of use of the medication, specific dosage, etc., limiting competition in the gostorg.

The prohibition on specifying the properties of the drugs will lead to increased competition, agrees with the logic of the FAS project Manager on interaction with state authorities of the pharmaceutical company BIOCAD Alexey Trading. “Takatsuki continually strive to hold an auction for a specific manufacturer. And do it not only because of the care of patients,” he concluded.

Not for patients

The proposal of the Ministry of health will affect the treatment of patients, said the founder of the all-Russian Union of patients Yuri Zhulev. “The lack of convenient dosage and forms of medications can lead to violation of discipline receiving therapy. Patients will need to divide the tablets for the money to buy water for cultivation issued powder, look for the necessary needles and syringes”, — he explained .

The desire of patients to chronic medications in the optimal form and dosage cannot be called a fad, stresses Zhulev. When it comes to long-term therapy from the convenience of its use directly depends on the quality of people’s lives.

Impact innovation and change in competitive advantage in the market. In a more advantageous position due to the low prices of the goods will be producers who don’t pay attention to the ease of use of its product, summarizes the Zhulev.

A draft decree prepared by the Ministry of health imposes the restrictions, not provided for in the relevant legislation in the field of public procurement, does not take into account the interests of patients and characteristics of hospitals, says Executive Director, Association of “Pharmaceutical innovation” Vadim Kukava. For example, the facility may be limited opportunities for storage of medicines due to outdated refrigerator, but it will be forced to buy the drug, not focusing on his temperature.

The regulation will eventually lead not to economy, and to the embezzlement of budget funds that will be used for eliminating the consequences of ineffective therapies, and patients will refuse to accept medication emphasizes Kukava.

In minekonrazvitiya, the specialized Agency in charge of the procurement, the draft resolution was not sent, reported in a press-service.