The media learned about the new version of the intervention in the elections with “Putin”

Representatives of US intelligence with “high confidence” now believe that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin personally participated in the “secret Russian campaign” to intervene in the U.S. presidential election. About it reports NBC News citing a senior intelligence sources in the USA.

Two sides with direct access to information, said that the new intelligence reports indicate that Putin had personally directed how the stolen data Democrats was leaked to the press and used for other purposes. Intelligence, according to sources, came from diplomatic sources and agents working for the allies.

Goals Putin, according to one high-ranking intelligence sources, was varied. What started as a “vendetta” against Hillary Clinton, turned into the desire to show the corruption in American politics and to “turn away [from US] key us allies, showing them that there was no need to rely on the United States as a reliable world leader,” said the source.