The police will strengthen control on the fans ahead of Confederations Cup

Not to lose sight of

The Ministry of internal Affairs will strengthen the work with groups of football fans, said two people close to the leadership of the Department. This is done in anticipation of the Confederations Cup and the world Cup, which will be held in Russia in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

Over the past two weeks, law enforcement officers raided the fans of CSKA and Lokomotiv fans. Investigative actions was associated with the case of the fight that occurred after the match of CSKA with “Spartakom” on October 29, and with the case of “chants extremist,” given the match between the Moscow “Locomotive” and the team Skenderbeu from Albania on 1 October 2015. Earlier searches were held in the office of the all-Russia Association of fans (VOB) and the house of the head of the organization Alexander Spriggina, who was detained at the extraordinary conference of the RFU in Moscow, but later released.

Preventive work with fans is always, tell two sources in the interior Ministry. According to one of them, the fans explain the provisions of the law, warn about responsibility for various violations, explain how to behave at sporting events. However, in the run-up to major competitions such work intensifitsiruetsa, said the source. The second source indicates that the last investigative actions are connected with specific criminal cases, but “forget about the Confederations Cup, is also not worth it.”

“When preparing such an event, the order begin to pay special attention to work with the fans. For any delinquency on their part are very closely. So it was in 2012 before the European Championship in Ukraine and Poland: the fan movement has undergone great pressure,” agrees in conversation with Spragin from Bob. The same opinion is shared by the head of Department on work with fans of CSKA Ivan Ulanov.

Earlier conflicts fan groups, the police often turned a blind eye, “if it is not reached to the slaughter,” says the Director of the information analytical center “Sova” Alexander Verkhovsky. “Fan groups are trying to finally “build”, especially how they scored France, upset football leadership,” — said the expert.

“Until 2018 fans will be pressed, especially the most eccentric companions. Otherwise the international community will be ashamed for the actions of fans”, — stressed the head of the police Union of Moscow Mikhail Pashkin.

The departments of the interior Ministry to combat extremism and the protection of public order refused to inform about the formal requirements that relate to the fan community.

Planned work

Increasing the number of criminal cases against football fans can not speak, says member of the Council at the Moscow police Department of Moscow Anton Tsvetkov. “Investigation of the hooligans, including from the ranks of the fan community, occur regularly. For anybody not a secret that football is about the criminal category”, — says Flowers.

“This is a permanent routine work of law enforcement. It cannot be interpreted as preparation for the world Cup. Small intervals between searches of “Locomotive” and CSKA — just a coincidence,” insists the head of the Department for security and work with the fans of the Russian football Union Alexey Tolkachev.

In November, the governmental Committee approved the bill on toughening responsibility for riots in stadiums, for gross violation of rules of conduct may be banned to attend the competition for seven years.

The document was a reaction to the scandal surrounding the conduct of Russian fans at the European Championships in France this year. The Russians have repeatedly clashed with fans from other countries, especially serious was the conflict with the British during the match between Russia and England on June 11.

In December, the interior Ministry submitted to the state Duma a bill with a proposal to compile a list of potentially dangerous football fans who will be denied entry into the country.

Regional security forces in recent months has conducted several exercises for the suppression of riots at sporting events. On December 9 Regarde staged maneuvers in the Novosibirsk region: according to legend, football fans got into a fight at the airport after the match. In October, the training took place in the Kuban region and in the Ryazan region, in April — in Vladimir and Tambov.