The public chamber will form without online voting

Electoral reform

Amendments to the law “About public chamber” submitted to the state Duma on Thursday, 15 December, United Russia Deputy Dmitry Vyatkin and a member of the Communist party faction Sergei Gavrilov. The authors propose to return to the initial procedure of formation of the chamber, abandoning the procedure of Internet voting. The bill will be supported by deputies, said a source in the state Duma.

In Public chamber (OP) includes 168 members. 40 persons approved by the decree of the President, 85 represent the regional public chambers, and 43 selected by a public vote online. The online selection was used only once in 2014.

According to the plan Vyatkina and Gavrilova, the General list of candidates will be offered a public organization. Is Internet voting with 43 members of the OP will select the ad hoc working group. This group should be composed of 21 people: seven members of the current OP, seven new members from the presidential quota and seven members on a regional quota.

After the list will be voted on. In the end, the new structure should comprise three representatives of Russian public associations and other NGOs in 13 areas of public activities (a total of 39 persons) who received the majority of votes of the members of the working group. The remaining four volunteers gain in one direction.

According to Vyatkin, deputies may be in a hurry to take up the bill before the end of the session. Such a hurry source in the state Duma explains that in January 2017, should begin the formation of a new composition of the Public chamber.

Disputed vote

In 2014, Internet quota in the OP were not the representatives of the opposition and criticism of the authorities: lawyer Yelena Lukyanova, a member of the HRC and Yabloko Andrei Babushkin, a former United Russia Valery Fedotov, representative of the Association “Golos” Gregory Melkonyants. At the same time for online voting was won by the Pro-governmental youth movements and organizations such as former press Secretary of the movement “Nashi” Kristina Potupchik and the leader of movement “the stop boor” Dmitry Chugunov.

The procedure of Internet voting is technically imperfect — there is a danger of hacking, cheating votes, and as a result, skewing the results, said the Deputy Dmitry Vyatkin. According to him, in Russia there is equal access to the Internet and older people, representatives of public organizations of disabled persons do not use the Internet, “but this does not mean that they are not active in public life.”

During the online voting in 2014, “there were conflicts in the regions disagreed with the voting results,” said the United Russia.

The initiator of the bill itself, the Public chamber, told the officer her office. The bill for the month of November was discussed in the regional chambers, and was supported by the regions, he added. About the need to abandon Internet voting in the formation of the Public chamber on the “Community” forum November 3, publicly announced her Secretary Alexander Brechalov. It is also motivated by the scandals in Krasnodar one of the community members during the online voting garnered about 1.5 million votes, while his colleague that does not have any accounts in the Internet, — 34 thousand.

Brechalov said that the chamber supports the bill to repeal online voting. According to him, the OP suggested to form a third chamber (43 members) was formed by representatives of the presidential and regional quotas.

The Public chamber has received complaints from regional chambers in the opaqueness of the Internet voting, including due to difficulties of verification of votes, confirmed member of the Public chamber Lidia Mikheeva. “Of course, when discussing the initiatives have expressed the opinion that the Internet, social networks are the future, and it is possible that we’ll get to that later, but don’t now try to all to drive”, — said the member of the OP.

According to political scientist Alexander Kanev, “procedure for Internet voting was initially a complete sham” because “clocked results.” “I don’t remember anyone, except the representatives of the official propaganda that these results are staged. And the voting procedure was pure PR, because it is still a list was formed of the right people, which was stranded to vote,” — said the expert . A bill to eliminate the Internet voting, as emphasized Kanev, “does not make the situation any better or worse because the Public chamber still generates power.”