Cuba invited the Czech Republic to pay the debts of rum

As informs Agency Associated Press, the official representative of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic Michal Zurovec said on Thursday that the Cuban authorities offered to return the Prague gained during the work of the Council for mutual economic assistance debt of $276 million of rum.

According to Jurova, the Czech authorities could approve the deal in the case, if at least part of the debt will be paid in cash. However, in Prague and agree for partial payment of debt of the Cuban medicine, said “bi-Bi-si”.

As the Agency AP, proposed by Cuba, the number of Roma would provide the Czech Republic that for more than 100 years. According to the official data, annually imported Cuban rum for $2 million.

The external debt of Cuba at the end of 2014 amounted to us $24.7 billion, Some countries, including Russia, Japan and Mexico, agreed to forgive the debt, and EU member States agreed to a restructuring.