In Moscow again, trying to dissolve the opposition of the municipal Council

On Friday, December 16, in the Khoroshevsky district court has received a new complaint against the refusal to cancel the election results in the municipal Council of the station is the only area of Moscow, where elections to the single voting day on September 18 and where the opposition won the majority. Opposition municipal Deputy from the Shchukino Anastasia bryukhanova said that a new lawsuit to set aside the election filed by the candidate on the same district Xenia Kartasheva who have already received refusal in registration on elections. The filing of a new claim confirmed on Twitter the ex-Duma Deputy Dmitry Gudkov. The court was unable to confirm the existence of the claim, as it “should get the check”.

Bryukhanov thinks that maybe the actions of United Russia — an indication of the city hall. “We filed a lawsuit, the Council has supported, together, the lawsuit was withdrawn, and now again filed. Something very strange” — said the Deputy. Prefect Severo-the Western administrative district Alexey Pashkov was not available for expeditious review.

In parallel, on Friday, the judge ruled to terminate the administrative case on the claim about cancellation of results of elections in Schukino, which were filed by the municipal Deputy from the Shchukino “United Russia” Valentina Markelova and the candidate Kartasheva. Both didn’t come to the meeting on Friday 12 December, they applied for the withdrawal of the suit in the expedition of the court.

The head of the Executive Committee of the Moscow city branch of “United Russia” Oleg Smolkin assured that the party recognize the results of elections, and court actions — the personal initiative of Kartasheva and Markelovoj. “We recognize the election, that’s not the “gift” was for us, but it’s definitely a valuable lesson,” — said United Russia.

Markelov and Kartasheva required to declare the election invalid because of alleged irregularities in their appointment and informing the voters. The message of the elections was to be published in local newsletter “the Moscow municipal Bulletin” and the newspaper “Regional scale”, and not the district newspaper “Moscow. North-West”, said the plaintiffs.

Shchukino is the only district in Moscow, where municipal elections were held in a single voting day on September 18. Most in Schukinskaya the Board received opposition: the Board of deputies held five of the Communists, three Yabloko, and seven candidates from “United Russia”.