The Council will revert to the “law of laws” of Boris Yeltsin

Yeltsin’s Legacy

Next week in the state Duma can be held the first meeting of the working group that will develop criteria for improving the quality of the bills, said the Chairman of the Committee on Federal structure and local self-government Alexei Didenko (LDPR). Such a working group deputies ordered the creation of a Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin at a meeting of the Council of the state Duma on Thursday, December 15.

The group was headed by first Vice-speaker of the lower house Ivan Melnikov (CPRF). It also includes Didenko, head of the Committee on state construction and the legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov (United Russia), Chairman of the Committee on rules Olga Savastianova (United Russia) and representatives of the legal Department of the state Duma.

The idea of establishing a working group emerged after discussions in the Duma about the poor quality bills. The discussion of this topic suggested that the coordinator of the Communist party faction Sergei Reshulsky. He said that the Parliament is not determined by law procedure of introduction, consideration and passing of bills. Formally, the procedure prescribed by rules, but when it is violated it is impossible to prove. The constitutional court refers to the fact that the regulation is an internal document of the lower house, said the Communist.

As Volodin discipline leads

The seventh convocation of the state Duma began with the changes to the regulations. In October, MPs voted for a ban to vote by proxy for colleagues, and later it became known that the absenteeism of deputies will be fined a sixth of the salary. In addition, have changed the schedule of work of parliamentarians in the regions. Early deputies worked for two weeks in plenary sessions, one week in committees and another in the regions. Now the deputies have been given one week to work in the regions, and the remaining three occupy the plenary session, which parliamentarians have to combine work in the committees.

In early December, at a meeting of the legislative Council speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin also encouraged to develop the practice of application of legislation on parliamentary control, to involve representatives of regional parliaments to the expert assessment of the most significant bills. 13 Dec Volodin said that in the state Duma were carried out to optimize the space, making the construction of a new building for the Parliament is no longer relevant. According to him, all those who took up too much space, about 50 square meters in the old building, called, and made of a transparent system for the allocation of offices. The Deputy of the state Duma from “United Russia” Yevgeny Revenko 14 December said that Volodin at a meeting with deputies of fraction have declared their intention to maintain tight control of discipline in the lower house of Parliament for at least a year.

Three months of work the Duma of the new convocation rejected approximately 80 bills, but have made more than 150 new, said Communist party Deputy Sergei Reshulsky. 30% of the deposited bills “can be immediately returned to the authors, because in them there is no calculation or justification, — said the Communist. — Need a clear rationale, which requires the bill.” In addition, according to the Communist, there should be strict time limits for consideration of bills that they were not in the Duma for several years.

According to him, the document on the regulation on the procedure of adoption of laws was submitted to the Duma in 1997 by President Boris Yeltsin, but was adopted only on first reading. “They painted the procedure for adoption of laws and requirements to their expertise,” said Reshulsky. In the draft, Yeltsin stated that the second reading of the bill is appointed by the Council of the Duma not later than thirty days from the date of its adoption in the first reading. In the current Duma regulations there is no such provision.

Reshulsky said that the bill Yeltsin, “of course, is out of date”, but the working group must “to see, to discuss” and maybe create a new document.

The minutes of the meeting of the Duma Council, held on Thursday, contains instructions Volodin “to prepare offers on formation of system requirements” for bills and “further consideration” of the bill Yeltsin, “On the order of adoption of Federal constitutional and Federal laws.”

Quality criteria

The Deputy from LDPR Alexey Didenko believes that a new law that would regulate the quality of bills is not required — instead it is sufficient to amend the regulations. MP lists a few key, in his view, the quality criteria of the legislation: compliance with the Constitution, clear economic and financial rationale, an explanatory note with a clear forecast “socially expected effect” from the document list of legislation to which you want to make changes.

A source in the leadership of the state Duma said that the right to life are both approaches and the amendment of the regulations, and the adoption of a separate bill as introduced documents. According to the interlocutor, such a decision is made that is accepted by representatives of the working group, which is given to the opposition.

Who and how will monitor how the quality of the bills meets the criteria of the law, is unclear, as the working group have not yet met, says Didenko.

Political analyst Nikolai Mironov said that experts have long declared the need for the adoption of the “law on laws”. According to him, it is about the examination of laws, examining their relationship to other normative acts, elaboration, corruptibility. The analyst agree that this kind of rule can be applied in the Duma regulations.

But on the other hand, says Mironov, it is not enough to prescribe criteria for the quality of the bills: “we Need adjustability in a broader sense, and here we are faced with the question of separation of powers”. To really improve the quality of legislation, when regulated lobbying activities and is working to reduce the level of corruption, the expert believes. “And since then, when need be, still will take any law, not paying attention to anything”, — concluded Mironov.

With the participation of Alexey Gavrilko-Alekseeva