The FBI supported the conclusions of the CIA about Russia’s intervention in U.S. presidential election

The Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), James Comey and Director of National intelligence (DNI) James Clapper endorsed the conclusions of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) about the fact that Russia allegedly intervened in the presidential election of the United States. About this newspaper The Washington Post, citing unnamed us officials.

According to them, CIA Director John Brennan, in a message to employees said that earlier this week he met separately with Komi and Clapper, to discuss the issues. “Among us was the General opinion relative to the scale, nature and intentions of the Russian intervention in the American elections,” said the sources who saw the message.

“The three of us also agree that our organizations, along with others, should focus on completing a thorough review of this issue, which was sent to President Barack Obama and which is in the attention of the DNI,” the report said Brennan, says The Washington Post.

The CIA and the FBI declined to comment edition. Moscow has repeatedly denied any involvement in the intervention in the elections.