The Levada center has recognized the error in the conclusions about the deterioration of relations with Putin

The Levada center reported an error in its common rating of the attitude of Russians to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, according to sociologists.

In the previous version of the press release were mixed indicators indicators of deterioration and improve relations, it is noted in the message center. Thus, a third of Russians (29%) improved the attitude of the President, and deteriorated in only 14% of respondents.

“Revised data show the growing polarization of Vladimir Putin, but not as significant as it looked in the table previously published on our website. In General we can say that the bulk of respondents remained the same (unchanged at 55% in 2012, before the Crimean campaign, the answer chosen 74%), “deteriorated” at 14% (2012: 10%), “improved” — 29% (was 10%)”, — States the report by the Levada center.

The Levada center, called the event a technical error, explaining the periodic rotation provisions in the form of positive and negative response options. “This is done in order to be able to account for the positional effect of the first places in the structure of “clues” (usually a small proportion of respondents said more often to those that are at the top of the scale of possible answers). In this case, the permutation of answers did not pay attention,” said the sociologists.