The Russian Ambassador explained to the head of the British Ministry of foreign Affairs the meaning of the operation in Aleppo

As stated in the official message of the Russian Embassy in London, in the course of the meeting Yakovenko with Johnson, the Ambassador explained to the Minister that the evacuation of thousands of militants along with their families from the Eastern part of Aleppo is, “to avoid unnecessary bloodshed and save the lives of civilians”.

According to Yakovenko, the evacuation of insurgents in territory controlled by anti-government armed groups, carried out with the assistance of the Russian military and the International red cross. The Ambassador pointed out that the removal of fighters was covered by dozens of TV channels, including “bi-Bi-si”.

On Johnson’s reaction to the words of the Ambassador the Embassy of Russia is not reported. The “bi-Bi-si”, commenting on the meeting, pointed out that the Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain declared that “Russia and Iran can’t expect gratitude from the residents of Eastern Aleppo, which was caused by suffering.” In particular, Johnson said that Moscow and Tehran are unable to ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid to besieged areas of the city. Yakovenko response to this statement the broadcaster failed.

Earlier, the Ambassador met with British parliamentarians and expressed concern that “British officials operate on unverified information, some of which fabricated by terrorists.” “We do not see the support and positive evaluation of local truces in cities in Syria, allowing you to save thousands of lives and establish a peaceful life,” — said Yakovenko.

Evacuation of fighters from Eastern Aleppo started yesterday. Opponents of President Bashar al-Assad, emerged from the remaining locked blocks, went through a special humanitarian corridor and transplanted to the buses that transported them into the government-controlled by the districts, and then in Idlib province, much of which is controlled by the armed opposition.