The white house has accused trump the promotion of Russian hackers

As reported by CNN, in his speech Thursday, White house spokesman Josh Ernest said that trump being a presidential candidate from the Republican party, actually encouraged Russia to hack the correspondence of his opponent, because he believed that it would help his campaign.

Ernest remembered the corresponding statement trump made even in the summer, which in his entourage later called a joke. “I don’t think that someone in the White house thought was a joke opponent the desire of the US to destabilize our democracy. And no one in intelligence did not think that it was a joke”, – said the representative of the Obama administration.

The spokesman also expressed confidence that trump understood from the start that the actions of the Russian hackers helped him and harm the election campaign of Hillary Clinton.

When Ernest did not repeat the words from the message to NBC that the alleged President Vladimir Putin personally supervised the activities of the intelligence services, which have an impact on elections in the United States. He specified “high-ranking officials from Russia.”

Meanwhile, the interlocutors Reuters among American officials said that the us intelligence community really believe that cyber-attacks are from Russia really had an impact on the election campaign. “It all started simply as an attempt to show that American democracy deserves no more trust than the system created by Putin,” – said the source Agency. But by the autumn, according to him, it was more like trying to help Donald Trump, because “Putin believed that he will be more friendly to Russia, including the issue of lifting sanctions.”

Previously, the company NBC pointed out with reference to employees of American intelligence, that the Russian President “was personally involved in the cyber attacks on the United States.” The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov in response said that he was stunned at this news. “Obvious stupidity and absolute futility of such an attempt for someone to convince,” – said the foreign Minister.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called “ridiculous nonsense” version of the personal involvement of Vladimir Putin in the “Russian secret campaign” to intervene in US presidential election

Himself, Donald trump responded to such assumptions hard enough: “If Russia or someone else intervened, why the White house waited so long and did nothing? Why do they have to complain only after Hillary Clinton lost?” – ask a billionaire a question in his twitter.

In turn, the Deputy national security adviser in the administration of Barack Obama Ben Rhodes said on Thursday on MSNBC television: “I do not think that such things can happen in Russia without the consent of Vladimir Putin.” He was seconded and the Reuters source, who said that “Putin, given his past in the KGB, has a greater impact on the operation of intelligence, than any other democratic elected leader”.