The WSJ learned about the Russian cyber attacks on computer networks of the Republicans

Russian hackers tried to attack computer networks in the Republican party, using the same techniques that allowed them to hack the servers of the Democrats. About it writes The Wall Street Journal, citing familiar with the situation officials.

However, according to them, the security system installed in the computer networks of the National Committee of the Republican party (RNC), by remote hackers to bypass failed. While sources close to the investigation claim that attempts to crack the Republicans were less aggressive and persistent. According to them, the exploit was only one account e-mail belonging to the RNC for a long time left to the employee.

The Wall Street Journal notes that the attempt of hackers to attack the system the Republican party is not made contrary to the CIA’s conclusions about the motives of the attackers. Analysts believe that initially gathered information about the election campaigns of both parties, however, later attention was focused on the leaked emails, Hillary Clinton and other Democrats.

Russia has repeatedly denied accusations of cyber-attacks, calling them “mythical” and “ridiculous”. On Friday, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called on the us authorities to bring evidence of Russian involvement in cyber attacks in the United States. Otherwise, according to Peskov, such statements, in particular, about Russia’s intervention in the election process in the United States, look “quite obscene”.

In the summer of the portal WikiLeaks published several thousand letters and documents of the National Committee of the Democrats (DNC). Some of them testified about the conspiracy of the employees of the Committee against Clinton — Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders. In the end, the scandal caused by the leak that led to the resignation of party leader Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Soon, U.S. intelligence services have accused attack on the servers of the Democrats of Russia.