Barack Obama blamed the “blood” in Aleppo, Russia

US President Barack Obama during the annual press conference said that Russia, Syria and Iran responsible for the “blood” in Aleppo.

He said the world was “United in fear” during the assault on opposition-controlled areas of the Syrian city (hereafter quoted by The Associated Press). He blamed the Syrian government and allies in a deliberate “environment, deliberate siege” of civilians in Aleppo. Obama said that whole areas of the city after his capture turned into a “rubble and dust”.

The US President also admitted that the war in Syria has become one of the most challenging issues he faced during his presidency. However, he said nothing about the possible change in U.S. strategy.

Obama explained that he had not taken more active measures in the Syrian operation for many reasons. Among them, he called the lack of support from Congress and a lack of authority under international law and military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Among the reasons he also called to support the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Russia and Iran.