Beijing has warned of the danger of trade wars with trump

China hopes to avoid start trade wars with the United States, which may lead policy elected President of Donald trump, said Deputy Minister of Finance of the PRC Zhu guanyao

“In the event of a trade war, China will resort to retaliatory measures that will reduce jobs in the United States. However, we don’t want that to happen, because it will cause damage to both sides”, — TASS quoted the Chinese official. “The comprehensive partnership is the only correct strategic thinking that contributes to the progressive development of Sino-us relations,” said Zhu Guangyao.

According to him, the duration of trade wars “is unlikely to exceed one year.”

“To resolve issues arising in the development process, it is necessary to avoid collisions, respect each other and adhere to the principles of mutual benefit and equality. Cooperation is the only correct strategic idea of promoting Sino-us cooperation,” he concluded.