Kasyanov led to the support of the presidential candidate of the reform of the Constitution

The Chairman of the party PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov said that his party will support that candidate who will undertake to become head of state for a transitional period of two years.

He said this during the passing on Saturday, December 17, the Congress of the party.

“This candidate needs to have a commitment, if not to the party, before civil society. This candidate must agree that if he is elect, he will be President of the transition period, President for two years with the goal of holding constitutional reforms,” Kasyanov was quoted by RIA Novosti.

In his opinion, the reform of the Constitution, the President must lose much of their authority.

“This means a change in the Constitution that the President is simply the guarantor of the Constitution, having no relation to the definition of foreign and domestic policy, issues of government formation. The government formed after the elections to the state Duma,” — said the leader of the Parnas.

On the eve of the Congress it became known that the PARNAS party left the members of the Federal political Council, who disagree with the policies of Kasyanov.