The media announced the completion of a UN investigation of the attack on the convoy in Syria

A confidential report on the results of the investigation into the attack on a humanitarian convoy in Syria in September 2016, which was conducted by the UN Commission forwarded for review to the Secretary General of the organization ban Ki-moon. As reported TASS, informed the press service of the UN.

“The Secretary-General very carefully study it in the coming days. We have to figure out what happened, for the victims of this incident and their courageous colleagues who every day risk their lives to help those in need. The only way to learn from this incident and to help prevent its repetition” — quoted TASS the press service of the UN.

The attack on a humanitarian convoy near Aleppo took place on September 19. In a statement, the red cross and Crescent societies spoke of the deaths of 20 civilians, razhruzhaly trucks with humanitarian aid, as well as one employee of the Syrian red Crescent.

Washington blamed the incident on government forces, saying that the army of President Bashar al-Assad strikes “indiscriminate”. Reuters, citing two us officials reported that during the shelling of the convoy in the air, there were two su-24 Russian space forces.

The defense Ministry denied any involvement in the attack, Russian and Syrian aircraft. The Agency noted that the footage from the scene of the attack on a humanitarian convoy there is no sign of interference with the column of any ammunition. “All demonstrated in the video frames is a direct consequence of the fire load, which is a strange way began simultaneously with the implementation of a large scale militant attack on Aleppo,” — said the official representative of the Ministry of defense Igor Konashenkov.