The Ministry of transport has allowed the differentiation of the tariff at the “Plato”

The Ministry of transport admitted the possibility of differentiation of the tariff at the “Plato”. This was stated by first Deputy Minister of transport Eugene Dietrich. “We thought that the rate might need to differentiate. Looking at the experience of other countries that have enacted some form of tolling system, and they usually — depending on the time of day, the workload of the highway types of vehicles. But it’s all a question not tomorrow. But we intend to consider it,” he said (quoted by TASS).

Tariff “can be challenging for certain groups, including for small businesses,” said Dietrich. “This rate may be to some extent protective, if we want some time to reduce traffic to a particular site,” he said.

Dietrich recalled the instruction of President Vladimir Putin, according to which it is necessary to consider the question of differential tariff in summer, during navigation along the major waterways. “Accordingly, there rate might be slightly higher in order to encourage the transition of cargoes to inland water transport”, — said the first Deputy Minister.

He also reported that on December 19 the Ministry of transport planned by the coordinating Council for small and medium businesses. On it, in particular, to discuss the issue of tariffs in the “Plato” for subjects of small and average business.

8 December theme of the tariffs in the “Plato” was raised at the meeting of the presidential Council on human rights. Professor of constitutional and administrative further increase of tariffs for journey bolshegruzov will hit small businesses. Putin in response said that “the problem”. “And I am fully on your side in the sense that we should support small business”, — the President added. He explained that such a decision should be “balanced and well thought out”.

The next day, transport Minister Maxim Sokolov has promised to fulfill the President’s instruction that the tariff increase the “Plato” it is necessary to consider the opinion of small and medium business. “Certainly, the President’s order is fully implemented,” — said Sokolov, noting that this issue is being discussed “with various business communities” on the site of the Federal road Agency and on the public Council of the Ministry of transport, which includes representatives of small business.