The Pentagon has confirmed China’s agreement to return the underwater drone

Pentagon spokesman Peter cook said that the Chinese authorities agreed to return the U.S. underwater drone, the capture of which became known yesterday, reports Reuters.

“Through direct negotiations with the Chinese authorities we have reached the understanding that China will return the unit to the American side,” he said.

Earlier the defense Ministry of China, Beijing has decided to return the drone after talks with the United States. As explained by the Agency, a Chinese warship has detected “unspecified equipment” and checked it to prevent the problems associated with navigation safety. Then it was determined that the U.S. drone, said the Ministry.

The defense Ministry stressed that the negotiations of the United States in a unilateral and public “spin” the incident that did not contribute to the “smooth resolution of the problem.” “We regret about this”, — said the Agency.

About the incident with the capture of the American machine in the South China sea, sources said yesterday. The source told Reuters that the incident occurred on Northwest from the base of Subic Bay (Subic Bay) in the Philippines when the American survey ship Bowditch was preparing to pick up the drone.

Source CNN, in turn, said that Bowditch had stopped to pick up two unmanned, but at this point with the Chinese ship that chased Bowditch, was lowered a small boat and her crew captured one of the drones.

A source of Reuters said, China through diplomatic channels was filed. Later, the Pentagon demanded the immediate return of the seized machine.

On Saturday, the Chinese foreign Ministry issued a statement which said that the parties use military channels to “respond adequately to the problem”.