The Polish authorities accused the opposition of trying to seize power

As stated by the head of the interior Ministry of Poland Mariusz Blashak in the air of RMF FM, a Polish opposition had committed “illegal attempt to seize power”. “Just as in 1992 there was an attempt to seize power — it was a success — those who could not accept the election results. So I appreciate yesterday’s events — as an illegal attempt to seize power”, — he stressed.

Prime Minister Beata Szydlo, in turn, noted that the opposition “has forgotten about the need to respect each other and responsibility”, reports Reuters. “For many, the focus of their activity — in fights” she said.

The opposition blocked the rostrum of Parliament in protest against restrictions on the media that take effect next year. According to these restrictions, the record at the meeting will be able to conduct only five Polish broadcasters. Planned establishment of a Center for media, in which the deputies will cooperate with the journalists. Also provides that every institution can send in the Seimas only two of its permanent representative.

Deputies of opposition parties have considered it a restriction of freedom of speech and for several hours blocked a tribune, from-for what the Parliament failed to vote on the budget by 2017. The ruling party has decided to postpone the voting to another room. The opposition has considered the results of the vote illegitimate, and then to protest at the Saeima building and left thousands of residents of Warsaw.

The Polish opposition, according to Reuters, called for the long-term actions, and promised to continue to block the Parliament.

The head of the European Council, Donald Tusk, commenting on the incident, urged the authorities to respect the Constitution. “In connection with yesterday’s events in Parliament and on the streets in Warsaw I speak to those who have the real power, with an appeal to respect the people, the constitutional principles and morality,” he said.