The WSJ found out about the suspension of the investment of Saudi Arabia in the United States of trump

Saudi Arabia will reconsider their “financial strategy” against the United States of America due to several factors. One of them was the election of billionaire Donald trump as President. According to The Wall Street Journal, citing informed sources.

Riyadh will suspend investments in the economy of the country also due to changes in U.S. law. We are talking about the adoption by the Senate and by Congress of a bill that allows the court to pursue a state supporting terrorist activities in the United States. Among these countries, according to the us government, is and Saudi Arabia.

Sovereign Fund Saudi Arabia has suspended investments as long as Riyadh did not establish effects that can cause the approval of this bill and figures out how to work with the new American administration.

Interlocutors of WSJ said that the authorities also consider the output of the largest state oil company Saudi Aramco for an IPO, not only in new York, but also on the London stock exchange. This can happen in the next or in 2018. The company is on the stock exchange may attract $100 billion.

The representative of the sovereign wealth Fund of Saudi Arabia and Saudi Aramco declined to comment on this information.

The trump supported the passage of this bill. The billionaire has warned the incumbent President Barack Obama that if he vetoes this bill, it will be “one of the worst moments of his presidency”.