Churkin promised to prevent the adoption of UN security Council resolution of France in Aleppo

Russia can not allow adoption of a UN security Council resolution, French to Aleppo. About it to journalists was declared by Russia’s permanent representative at the organization Vitaly Churkin, reports “RIA Novosti”.

“We believe that they [the French] offer — impossible and dangerous. We cannot support, we cannot let it [the draft resolution] to go,” — said Churkin, answering the question whether the support of the document, the Russian side.

The envoy added that Russia is going to act in the security Council with a new proposal on the situation in Aleppo and expressed the hope that in the end may be adopted another resolution. “We have a very simple idea, and if they will support these simple ideas, we can be adopted today for proper resolution,” said Churkin.

Sunday, December 18, the UN security Council holds emergency consultations on the French draft resolution, which involves placement in Eastern Aleppo, UN observers to monitor the evacuation of the insurgents and the population. Following consultation the document will be put to the vote.