Media reported about the lack of Obama’s response to the Russian cyber attacks

According to the newspaper The New York Times, last week Obama’s advisers talked about the question of how the United States can use its powerful kiberbezopasnosti in conditions when the country was vulnerable to outside attacks. “What can we do so that they’re 98% understood that it was just us. But at the same time, that it was not so obvious that they had to answer to us, defending their honor?”, – asked a former head of the CIA David Petraeus, speaking at a conference at Harvard.

One of the proposed options Obama offered to reveal the secret communications of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with the oligarchs. However, this was followed by the response that this news will not be a shock for the citizens of the country. Among other options was called the prevention of access to “the inner circle of the Russian President to secret accounts in Europe and Asia,” the ban on travel abroad for senior officers of the GRU, which U.S. intelligence agencies believe are responsible for cyber attacks on the campaign headquarters of Hillary Clinton.

Another option was the use of cybersect for attack on Russian hackers. However, this idea was rejected at the Pentagon. They felt that such actions would lead to the disclosure of bugs, which the Americans introduced in the Russian network in the event of a future cyber warriors. Besides, the national security Agency suggested that Russia itself has implemented in the us network and will be able to strike back.

The publication indicates that Obama showed his usual caution, believing that much worse to use cybersettle inefficiently than not to use them. According to the newspaper’s sources, he insists that Russia’s response should lead to the dominance of America and to eliminate the possibility of loss.

N.Y. Times recalls that the United States itself has repeatedly intervened in other people’s elections. So, in 1948, the CIA influenced the vote in Italy, in an effort to prevent the Communists to power in this country. Similarly, Washington acted in Iran, Chile, Guatemala, Japan, and other countries.

December 16, Obama in an interview with radio network NPR has promised to take measures against Russia in connection with intervention in the American elections. According to Obama, cyber attack services to the US Democratic party, which U.S. authorities accused Russia, has led to big problems for former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, rather than for the elected President of the USA of Donald trump.

In Moscow, Obama’s statement was considered “obscene”, urging the US to stop talking about the alleged attacks by Russian hackers on the USA or give evidence.