Belarus complained about the unreasonable demands of the Rosselkhoznadzor

The Rosselkhoznadzor imposes Belarus unfounded “claims”. This was stated by the Deputy Belarusian Minister of agriculture and food Igor Brylov in interview to the program “Kontury” on ONT TV channel, BelTA has learned. “We would like to build a decent relationship with the Rosselkhoznadzor, but when we face claims and claims that are not substantiated here, of course, starts another game,” he said, adding that the establishment of barriers contradicts the principles of the EEU.

According to him, every case of inconsistency, the Belarusian side offers the Russian Department is a full package of documents. “Regularly communicate with them on this subject,” he added.

Brylov also said that about 95% of Belarusian food exports go to Russia, and in this connection noted the importance of diversification of markets. Belarus is looking for new partners to expand the supply of food, he concluded, mentioning, in particular, China and the UAE.

Later on this subject spoke and Vice-Premier of Belarus Mikhail Rusyi in interview to the program “the Main air” on TV channel “Belarus-1”. In particular, he said that in Belarus the Rosselkhoznadzor is “sea issues”. “I’m not hiding, a sea of questions we have,” said he, drawing attention to the issue of the falsification of the Belarusian food products to the Russian market.

According to him, Russia has forged Belarusian cheese, butter and dry milk. He cited the example of the shops of St. Petersburg. “It comes from the Russian enterprises box with a label written spread, but in the box the foil sticks without anything, naked. They go to the store, here is the marking — Berioza cheese dairy complex. Served absolute crap” — said Rus.

In this regard, he said, there are several issues to the Rosselkhoznadzor. “First: why with such marking, the product comes in the store. Second: why did the sellers accept the product without anything, nobody knows what’s in there. Third question: if it is determined that it is counterfeit and clearly shows that it is counterfeit, there must be immediate reaction”, — said Deputy Prime Minister.

The Belarusian side quickly puts the Russian colleagues informed of such facts, he said. “Our task is to combat counterfeit. We got together to pursue a tough policy. We should not poison people. On our side is punished harshly, it is a criminal offense,” said Brown.

He also expressed the view that veterinary services should not perform the role of economic “executioner”, and in case of problematic issues, to remove them. “Both services need to sit down and figure out what was wrong, if there is some setting questions on Russian side, and we identify no less facts — to restore order,” — said Deputy Prime Minister.