Discerned found borrowing in the thesis of the Deputy of the state Duma Bespalova

Incorrect citation

Discerned saw signs of fraud in the thesis of the Deputy of the state Duma Marina Bespalova, elected by party lists of “United Russia” on elections in September this year. Bespalova without the original source quoted scientific works of ten scholars, the research community Discerned.

In 2011, Bespalov became the first mayor of Ulyanovsk, not elected in the vote of citizens and deputies. In October 2015, Ulyanovsk United Russia decided not to periuterine Bespalov as the mayor. In early December of the same year, on the recommendation of party Chairman and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Bespalov was appointed head of its public reception, but a week later the local branch of “United Russia” has excluded from the party. The conflict eventually intervened Presidium of the General Council “United Russia”, 11 December restore Bespalov in the party.

The lack of copyright

In 2010, Bespalov received the degree of candidate of legal Sciences, defended his thesis “Constitutional and legal bases of local self-government in the Russian Federation”. In particular, as found out, Discerned, in 26 pages of parliamentary dissertation without reference to the source there are fragments of scientific articles, the Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Waist Khabrieva. Khabrieva reported that such cases “may remain on the conscience of counterfeiters”.

Eight pages of Ph. D. Bespalova quoted text from the candidate’s head of Department of the Moscow University of railway transport Andrey Borisov. In the bibliography of the thesis of the MP, as in the case of scientific work Khabrieva, there is no mention of the text Borisova; he declined to comment.

In addition, 16 pages of text Bespalova, according to “Discerneth”, repeat the thesis of the Professor of the Moscow state law University Ekaterina Shugrina. Shugrina said that since 1997 constantly facing with plagiarism in their scientific works. According to her, to prove that incorrect citing difficult, as lawyers study the new issues at the same jurisprudence. “Another thing is, which section provides, in what sequence, which are summed up by this review of a scientist,” explained the Professor.

So, to keep track of incorrect borrowing, Shugrina in his works, not just gives an indication of the court decision, as required by the rules of citation, and indicates in parentheses the name of the region where the case. In the work Bespalova, said Shugrina, often found this kind of clarification. “For me this is what I found this court decision. Except me, nobody does,” said the Professor. Links to the work of Suginoi in the thesis of the Deputy of the absent.

The defendants in protection

The supervisor of the Deputy while working on the thesis was Dean of the law faculty of Penza state University (PSU) Vitaly goshulyak, indicate in the “Discarnate”. Five times he was the supervisor of the degree scientific work which Discerned calls properly due to the fact that there was no reference to the original source. Goshulak, was unavailable for comment

In addition to his other ward was Bespalova Natalia Bochkareva, the daughter ex-the Governor of the Penza region Vasily Bochkarev. In October 2016 the dissertation Council of Moscow state University denied her a degree. According to “Discerneth”, Bochkareva borrowed from dissertations in Hovrino (supervisor — goshulak) and Tatiana Illinoi (head — Professor of the Domodedovo branch of Russian state humanitarian University Oleg Bulekov).

Bulakov, in turn, acted as scientific reviewer Bespalova on the thesis. “Discarnate” claim that Bulakov involved in unjustified award of at least 11 degrees. He said that while protecting Bespalova has not noticed any violations.

Bespalova scientific work produced at PSU, the lead organization was sponsored by the Institute of state and law of Russian Academy of Sciences, which also became the scientific opponent of the Deputy. Protection was held in the dissertation Council of the Moscow humanitarian University. All three institutions did not answer the questions . Higher attestation Commission the question of the degree Bespalova also left without comment.

“I first heard about [the charges “Discerneth”] and will not comment on it,” said Bespalov. According to the representative “Discerneth” Andrei Rostovtsev, in the project’s repository over 5,000 unpublished theses, and the recently elected Deputy noticed by chance. Bespalova defended in 2010, and therefore, according to the rules it is impossible to challenge her degree, Rostovtsev says. According to him, the extent of the Deputy can be deprived only if the authors incorrectly cited works will go to court. While none of the interviewed scientists to address not plans.