In the state Duma called names refused to vacate the apartment of ex-MPs

Deputy head of the Committee on rules and organization of work of the state Duma Mikhail Romanov named the deputies of the last convocation, which is against the law not evicted from service apartments on the street Olof Palme until 5 December.

“Of the “United Russia” has not left three deputies: Timur Akulov, Mikhail Yashin and Anton Romanov. Left the apartment four deputies from “Fair Russia”: Chetverikov, Alexander Romanovich, Nosovka Gennady and Sergey Doronin Maxim Shingarkin, Roman Khudyakov, two apartments not released Taskaev Vladimir and Irina Chirkova from the liberal democratic party is also not left still in his apartment,” — said Romanov.

Romanov added that “surprise is the Communist party. They are the Champions. It Kochiev Robert, Fill Mikhail Goncharov Victor Parshin Nikolay, Boris Ivanyuzhenkov, Vladimir Bessonov, Sergei Mamaev”.

He noted that “MPs behave nedobrosovisna”. “Conscience these people have,” said Romanov, stressing that “the law of the Russian Federation they had to release before December 5, as dobrosovestno citizens.”

The Deputy explained that while they are trying to influence those who went “through faction”. But, as explained by Novels , if this does not happen until the end of the year, Manager of the President will apply to the court that the question has already intervened bailiffs.

In 2015, a law was passed which transfers the elections of the Duma of the seventh convocation from December to September. Under the new rules, the deputies who are elected in the new convocation, until December 4, still have all the advantages. Among these benefits — cash payments, the terms of medical support and use of office apartment in Moscow. After 4 December, the eviction process is just beginning, said informed source in the state Duma. The timing of the eviction is not installed.

Former members stayed in the service apartments in particular because of the need to change schools for their children, explained earlier, a member of the rules Committee Viktor Pinsky.