Jordan destroyed seized the medieval fortress fighters

Security forces of Jordan has announced that as a result of the storming of the medieval fortress in the town of al-Karak killed “terrorists, bandits,” reports Reuters. Just killed four militants, and where they were hiding, found explosive devices, weapons and a suicide belt.

Whether they belonged to any military group, not reported. Not called and their nationality. As noted by Reuters, the absence of data “has prompted speculation” that the militants could simply be criminals, not terrorists “Islamic state” (LIH, an organization banned in Russia).

The Governor of El-Karak said earlier that the attack is “a terrorist group”. A local official told Reuters that the militants “were planning several attacks on the territory of Jordan”. Responsibility for the attack has not yet assumed none of the terrorist organization.

As a result of shooting is unknown and police killed nine persons — a citizen of Canada, three civilians and five police officers. Another 29 were hospitalized, some of them seriously injured.

The attack occurred on Sunday, December 18. After the attack on the police the unknown refuge in the popular tourist Crusader castle, and there within a few hours of firing.

Karak, located 140 km from the capital of the Kingdom of Amman. The city is the administrative centre and largest settlement of the homonymous governorate. Crusader fortress began to build in 1142, at the height of about 1000 meters above sea level.