Media said the name of the curator of the regional elections in the presidential administration

According to “Kommersant”, citing a source in the presidential administration, Alexander Kharichev, which is to become Deputy head of the presidential administration on domestic policy (Ohr) in charge of regional elections, is currently in progress check for assignment. The official designation may occur after the New year, he said. It is planned that in his subordinate Department, which will deal with the sociology and the monitoring of territories.

Kharichev familiar with the first Deputy head of the presidential administration Sergei Kiriyenko for a long time, the newspaper notes, is still at work in the Privolzhsky Plenipotentiary representation. Then their careers diverged, and in 2013 Kharichev returned to the team Kiriyenko in Rosatom. From 2006 to 2009 he held the position of Deputy chief of Department of internal policy and was responsible for working with the territories.

Kharichev, the newspaper notes, has already begun to take in the work of the administration. According to the source, last week he, along with Sergei Kiriyenko visited the Kaliningrad region, where in September 2017 acting Governor Anton Alikhanov will be elected in direct elections.

Deputy chief of the Ohr, oversees territory of the presidential administration will be no more. The unit will report directly to the head of Department Andrey Yarinu. From 21 to 24 December, for the first time since the change of leadership of the AP and the political block of the Kremlin in the Corporate University of Sberbank will be held the seminars for Deputy governors on the policy. In front of them, as expected, will perform Sergei Kiriyenko.

“This year’s event seems even more interesting — the change of leadership of the presidential administration, came new people. We expect that there will be new approaches, new trends. I think it will be evolutionary system development”, — said “Kommersant”, the Governor of the Arkhangelsk region Igor Orlov. To interact with Kremlin officials “easier”, says a senior official of one of the Central regions. “Sergey Kiriyenko comfortable with the person, it is always possible to contact and discuss the question,” he says.

Regional officials expect to find out from the Kremlin on the new workshop “target setting”. A former employee of AP analyst Andrei Kolyadin believes that “the seminar will take place in the mode of political and ideological flow”. It does not rule on the event that their installation may present and the future Deputy head of Department of internal Affairs, responsible for conducting elections.