Miller warned about the risks of gas transit to Europe because of the statements of Kiev

Miller warned about the risks of gas transit to Europe because of the statements of Kiev

Moscow. 16 Dec. The decision of the Kiev court on the penalty in respect of OAO “Gazprom” more than strange, as the company works on the Ukrainian market exhibited a fine can actually be recovered by unauthorized selection of Russian gas, said the head of the company Alexey Miller. The refusal of Ukraine from the Russian gas supplies before the end of winter creates risks for transit to the European market, said the head of “Gazprom”.

“The decision of Kyiv court otherwise very strange not to call, because “Gazprom” is working on the Ukrainian market “Gazprom” does not tranzitiruet gas through the territory of Ukraine. To blame “Gazprom” in monopoly – it is more than enough, in addition to fine,” explained Miller told reporters.

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He drew attention to the exposed the fine, and to charge 100% for his failure to pay. “Currently, this amount is $6 billion 680 million thus noteworthy that the Kiev court takes the decision on compulsory collecting of the penalty to “Gazprom”. What does it mean? Because “Gazprom” has no assets in the territory of Ukraine, “Gazprom” does not work on the territory of Ukraine, apparently, to recover the penalty through the weaning is actually our gas on the territory of Ukraine”, – said the head of the company.

“It shows the risks that exist for the passage of transit through the territory of Ukraine. Ukraine today has a problem with availability of gas in underground storage, they pump less gas in its history”, – said Miller, commenting on the statement of Kiev about what Ukraine will not until the end of winter to buy Russian gas. In addition, the selection of gas Kiev started earlier than the autumn-winter season, added the head of “Gazprom”.

According to the contract of 2009, Miller noted, “if Ukraine starts siphoning, Gazprom has the right to restrict the supply of unauthorized selection”. Answering the question, is there any chance of such a development, Miller said: “If we talk about those risks, which were listed, of course they exist. The most important is the autumn — winter maximum.”

According to Miller, the demand for Russian gas in Europe is very high.

“He set an absolute record of delivery per diem for the European market – 614 million cubic meters. Such volumes were not. Of course, this is an additional burden on Ukraine’s GTS. Therefore, such statements indicate that the risks significant for the transit of our gas to European markets,” he said.

As reported, on 5 December, the economic Court of Kyiv satisfied the claim of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine to “Gazprom” on enforcement proceedings from this company of fine in the amount of 172 billion hryvnia (about $6,64 billion): half the amount is directly a penalty, the second penalty assessed for his failure to pay. Later “Gazprom” has filed a lawsuit in the Stockholm arbitration court on the decision of the Kiev court. Commenting on the decision of the court, the Minister of energy and coal industry of Ukraine Igor Nasalik assured that the decision of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine will have impact on the transit of Russian gas.