Subordinate Kiriyenko will show at corporate historical blockbuster

The staff of the two divisions of the Kremlin — the Department of internal policy (Ohr) and the office for public projects (OPS) of the President, the curator of which is the first Deputy head of the presidential administration Sergei Kiriyenko, December 28 will go to the cinema “Illusion”. Officials were invited to a screening of the film “Viking”, the viewing of which will be a new year corporate party for the employees of the presidential administration. “All have already collected a thousand rubles,” — said the four officials of the Kremlin. One of the interlocutors explains the fee collection corporate the fact that “Illusion” will be not only viewing of the film, but also “all drink a glass of champagne”: “Perhaps there will be snacks,” he says.

According to another source , the leadership of the political unit of the presidential administration has specifically agreed to a separate presentation for officials of the Kremlin. In total, CIP and CRM employs over a hundred people.

The representative of “Illusion” has confirmed holding a private movie screening on 28 December, to get to which can only be on the lists of the organizers. “We, unfortunately, [the organization of the show] has nothing to do, we only have the site,” the official said .

The film will be officially launched on the day after his show officials from the Kremlin, on 29 December.

The decision to send officials of the two managements to preview “Viking” sides explained, “including the results of a survey” which was conducted among the employees of Ohr and CRM in November. On 22 November the TV channel “Rain” with reference to three sources in the Kremlin reported that the questionnaire, consisting of several pages, employees of the presidential administration were asked to answer questions about why they work in the Kremlin, do, you, feel, in demand and fully involved in the work process.

The Kremlin interlocutors said that, in addition to issues relating to the work, the questionnaire also contained questions “festive nature”: the personnel Ohr and CRM were asked to answer how they would like to spend new year’s corporate. Offered several answers: visit the Theatre of Nations and viewing of “tales of Pushkin”; the theatre “the Contemporary” viewing “the Nutcracker” ballet (two dates to choose from); a trip to the skating rink; a screening of the film “the Viking”; just drinks. You could also offer your answer.

At the end of last week, officials announced that they go to the cinema.

“Viking” — a big-budget historical blockbuster from the Director of “Admiral” Andrey Kravchuka with Danila Kozlovsky in the title role. In the film, based on the “tale of bygone years” describes the power struggle of the sons of the great Prince of Kiev Svyatoslav. The eldest son Yaropolk accidentally kills hunting his brother Oleg, for which he is forced to avenge the younger brother of Vladimir. The producers of “Viking” became the General Director of channel one Konstantin Ernst and Anatoly Maximov (“Day watch”, “Night watch”). Production company “Direktsiya Kino” the movie was shot partially on public money. In 2013, the filmmakers received from the Federal cinema Fund 232 million rubles In 2014, the total budget of the tape is increased to 1.2 billion rubles.

Former curator of the political block of the Kremlin Vyacheslav Volodin gave his subordinates gifts. In 2014 every official CIP and OPS received from him the gift of YotaPhone, and in 2015 — semicomic of works of Russian philosophers.