The chamber has called the leader of violations in 2016

The chamber reported about violations in the offices in 2016. Leaders in the number of violations become “Roscosmos”, the Federal customs service and the Ministry of agriculture. It on a press-conferences were declared by the head of audit chamber Tatyana Golikova.

She explained that for 2016 was held 319 events in which I inspect the activities of ministries and departments.

“The results of this activity was set to 870 billion rubles violations. I just want to say that 870 billion rubles. does not mean that the money stolen or some other bad way used. We are talking about any violations, including ineffective use of funds”, he said (quoted by TASS).

She said that the violations were recorded, including in the investment sphere, in the sphere of procurement and mismanagement of funds. Golikova noted that in the first place by the number of violations is the “RIA Novosti”, followed by the Federal customs service and the Ministry of agriculture.

Last year, most violations were recorded in the activities of Roscosmos, the Federal road Agency and the Ministry of education and science. The total amount of violations as of November 2015 amounted to 186 billion rubles.

In early December, the Executive Director of “Roskosmos” Vladimir Evdokimov was accused of fraud for RUB 200 million with real estate the Russian aircraft Corporation “MiG” (PJSC “RAC “MiG”). In a press-service of the Corporation reported that investigative actions against Yevdokimov is not related to his work.

In July 2016, was also raided in the house of the former head of the FCS Andrei Belyaninov. In head investigation it was found 9.5 million rubles., $390 thousand and €350 thousand at the head of the TCF, called the money “personal savings”. He is a witness in the case about the smuggling of alcohol.