The head of “VimpelCom” announced the imminent rejection of unlimited Internet tariffs

The head of “VimpelCom” announced the imminent rejection of unlimited Internet tariffs

Moscow. 15 Dec. Mobile operators must gradually abandon unlimited tariffs and move to “data-centric” model of pricing, said the General Director of “VimpelCom” (brand “Beeline”) Kjell-Morten Johnsen told reporters.

“You will see the steps that the industry is gradually moving away from unlimited tariffs. Users with normal consumption data will not see the changes, but it disciplinarum people who use an extremely large amount of data,” he said. The operator plans to transition to a pricing model tied to the consumption of Internet services.

“It will be a step by step process, there is no revolution in a month. I don’t think you will see changes all over Russia and immediately. Some regions will be in the first place,” said Johnsen.

In his opinion, using a single voice. the average price per minute (APPM) will become irrelevant, while the growth of data consumption will increase the average monthly revenue per subscriber (ARPU). This will lead to a healthier profile of capital costs and increase business efficiency, says the head of “VimpelCom”.

He did not specify the exact timing of refuse from unlimited packages and move to “data-centric model”. “We can’t do it individually, but 2017 will support this trend. This is a clear direction that I asked the company,” said Johnsen.

Simultaneously with the change in pricing model, “VimpelCom” intends to abandon on-net roaming (when traveling subscribers in Russia). “Russia is a single country with a single network. I believe it is for the consumer natural to expect such a step (the removal of intranet roaming). Norwegian, if you go with your phone from Norway to France or Germany, will pay the same as in Norway. Don’t know whether there will be such in Russia in 2017, but that which should move the market”, – says the General Director of “VimpelCom”.