The UN security Council unanimously adopted a resolution on international monitoring in Aleppo

The UN security Council adopted a resolution on international monitoring of the evacuation from Aleppo, Syria. The document was supported by all 15 security Council members, including Russia, reports Associated Press.

A compromise document was agreed before the results of closed consultations in the security Council, which lasted more than three hours. The text was compiled on the basis of projects, one of which was proposed by France, the other by Russia.

Initially, emergency consultations was to hold on the French draft resolution, but Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin said that the proposal of Paris, concerning the situation in Aleppo, are “impossible” and “dangerous”, and Moscow cannot afford to allow their approval in the security Council. Churkin noted that Russia is not against the idea of international monitoring, but against the deployment of “in the danger zone of Eastern Aleppo untrained staff”.

Churkin also said that Russia is going to act in the security Council with a new proposal on the situation in Aleppo and expressed the hope that in the end may be adopted an alternative resolution. “We have a very simple idea, and if they will support these simple ideas, we can be adopted today for proper resolution,” said Churkin.

Upon completion of the consultations, the permanent representative of Russia stated that the security Council “have a good draft resolution text”. Thus the question of whether the admitted international observers in Aleppo, he noted that “everything will be fine.”

Information about the compromise is confirmed by the US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power. “We expect that will unanimously vote in favour of this text tomorrow,” she said the night before.