Turkish foreign Ministry condemned the murder of the Russian Ambassador in Ankara

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Turkey condemns the “prosaic terrorist attack” aimed at the Ambassador of Russia Andrei Karlov, reports Reuters.

Ankara has expressed words of condemnation and deep regret for the death of the Ambassador. At the same time, Turkish foreign Ministry hopes that the incident will not “cast a shadow” on the Russian-Turkish relations.

Earlier, representatives of the Turkish Embassy in Moscow has expressed condolences about the murder of Charles. The Embassy noted that it “shared the pain and loss”, and the attack was called “inhuman tragedy”

After the attack on Charles, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and President of Russia Vladimir Putin held a telephone conversation, discussed the circumstances of the incident.

The attack on the Ambassador happened earlier in the evening. Charles was at the opening of the exhibition in the modern art center in Ankara. The killer was also in the room. He fired 15 to 20 shots inside and then shot in the back of the Ambassador. Charles received medical treatment at the scene of the incident, but from gunshot wounds he died.

The murder of the Ambassador initiated a criminal case under article 360 of the criminal code (assault on a representative of a foreign state, enjoying state protection). The killer himself was killed during the RAID.

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that Russia classifies the incident as a terrorist attack. The UN and many world leaders condemned the murder of the Ambassador.

is an online broadcast after the attack on the Ambassador.